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With various home appliance brands, models, and styles available, you may be overwhelmed to buy a product online. We know that purchasing the wrong product can waste your time, money and even your health. So there should be a better way to decide on what to buy and spend our hard-earned money wisely on a home appliance so that we can be sure we are getting the best value for our money. Get the latest reviews, buying advice and ratings from us on kitchen appliances, A/Cs, refrigerators, washing machines, and more. We are leading website in providing in-depth reviews of best kitchen and home appliances required for your sweet home. If you are thinking to buy your next water purifier, washing machine, coffee maker, induction cooktop, vacuum cleaner, or any other electronic device for your kitchen or home, then you are at the perfect place. Our main motto is to provide accurate, honest and reliable home appliances list that offer unmatched customer satisfaction, in a timely manner. With placeholder image, you can be confident that you will select the best electric dryer duct.

Bestseller No. 1
  • REMOVES LINT BUILD-UP: Hurricane Lint Lizard removes years lint build-up deep within your dryer vent, so your appliance run more efficiently.
  • OVER 3.5-FEET LONG: Handy vacuum hose attachment measures over 3.5-feet long to reach deep into difficult places; perfect for cleaning behind appliances you can't move.
  • SUCTION CONTROL: Switch between 3 suction control settings to best suit your cleaning needs. Perfect for light cleanups and a heavy-duty power clean.
  • HELPS PREVENT FIRES: Using Hurricane Lint Lizard regularly to clean your dryer vent and help prevent deadly dryer vent fires from sparking.
  • INCLUDED: One Hurricane Lint Lizard (includes Lint Lizard, vacuum adapter, & clear hose).
SaleBestseller No. 2
General Electric PM08X10085 Semi-Rigid Clothes Dryer Duct Kit, 4-Inch x 8-Feet
  • Contains UL duct and steel screw clamps
  • Designed for optimum performance
  • Contains UL duct, steel screw clamps
Bestseller No. 3
4 In. X 8 Ft. Aluminum Dryer Vent Duct, for Gas & Electric Dryers
  • Ideal for gas and electric dryer applications
  • Constructed of strong flexible aluminum
  • Fire resistant
  • 4-in diameter Extends to 8-ft in length
  • For complete instructions to an easy installation scroll down or click See more product details
Bestseller No. 4
Suncourt Centrax Dryer Boosting Kit, 4 Inch, Energy Saving Duct Fan
  • QUIET AND EFFICIENT FAN - The impeller is properly balanced and paired with the motor making this a powerful, yet near silent inline fan.
  • BACKWARD INCLINED BLADES - Allows the dryer booster fan to generate high pressure to get through long duct runs and help prevent lint clogging the fan.
  • HIGH HEAT CAPABILITY - This fan will work with most electric dryers on the market and is effective in high temperatures up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit and 60 degrees Celsius.
  • THERMAL OVERLOAD PROTECTION - If the temperature does get too hot, the system will shut itself down giving you peace of mind.
  • AUTOMATIC RESET - In the case of the fan shutting down, it will automatically reset itself after it has cooled down. No need to turn back on or push any buttons.
SaleBestseller No. 5
Dryer Vent Hose Transition Duct 4 inch by 25 foot - 2 Premium Screw Clamp Connections - Extra Strong Aluminum Interior and Flexible Tear Resistant PVC Outer Shell - HVAC or Grow Room Heat Ventilation
  • INCLUDES 2 HIGH QUALITY VENT CLAMPS - No need to run to the store and purchase additional accessories for installation. Unlike inferior vent clamps, these form an air-tight seal when tightened.
  • HEAVY DUTY MULTI LAYER FLEXIBLE DUCT - This dual layer, dryer duct vent hose, consists of an interior aluminum layer, for heat resistance and an outer layer of TEAR RESISTANT PVC for added strength and insulation. Say goodbye to small holes and tears appearing in your standard aluminum ducting.
  • 4" x 12' UNIVERSAL FOR GAS OR ELECTRIC DRYERS - 4" opening fits most dryers. The ducting can be cut to make it shorter to accommodate your needs.
  • EASY TO INSTALL - Perfect for any homeowner, general contractor or HVAC technician. **Some installations my require the outer layer to be removed past the first wire due to snug fit**
  • MULTIPLE APPLICATIONS - Can also be used in grow rooms or tents, kitchens, bathrooms or any other application needing 4 inch ventilation.
Bestseller No. 6
General Electric PM8X73 Flexible Foil Clothes Dryer Transition Duct with Clamps
  • Fits most electric and gas dryers
  • Flexible design allows for ease of installation
  • Two clamps included
  • Heavy-duty four-ply aluminum foil laminate
  • 4-inch x 8-foot diameter when fully extended
Bestseller No. 7
Snap to Vent Aluminum Dryer Hose 4 inch diameter x 8 feet long | Ziggurat Products
  • BUILT TO LAST - Our STV-AlumFlexHose is designed to last a long time. With strong, yet flexible materials, we created the perfect electric dryer vent hose that will get the job done for many years to come. The clothes dryer hose is made to be easily cleaned out on a regular basis and made with quality materials to prevent crushing, ripping or other possible damage to the connection.
  • PRODUCTS MADE IN THE USA - Ziggurat Products were envisioned by a father and son who cared about safety and value. Our safe alternatives to air dryer hoses were designed to improve household safety. We rely on quality to sell our products. All of our products are made in the USA with top-quality materials. We create household accessories that make life easier our valued customers.
  • QUICK EASY INSTALLATION - This dryer hose is compatible with our snap-on attachments that are easy to use and require no tools. The flexibility of this dryer vent hose allows it to safely attach where needed without the hassle of forcibly moving the hose to fit the desired position. Just obtain the correct attachments on each end, connect to the dryer and the wall, and it will be ready for use.
  • THE BETTER CHOICE - This aluminum dryer hose from ZIGGURAT provides a top-quality product that can be used by anyone in need of dryer connections. Our flexible dryer hose resolves the risk of potential dryer fires and helps create a better operating dryer. Lightweight and versatile, it attaches easily to connector pieces. These products are the best choice for simplicity and durability.
  • TIGHT ATTACHMENT- This rigid dryer hose is made with a soft single layer of sturdy aluminum that has the capability to snugly attach to clothes dryer connectors. The flexibility of this dryer duct hose allows all the pieces to fit properly. The hose has a 4 inch diameter and is 8 feet long to give plenty of room to connect to the wall without being tugged or stretched to its full capacity.
Bestseller No. 8
8 ft by 4 in Flexible Dryer Duct Dryer vent fire resistant includes 2 screw clamps UL 2158A listed Top Rated!
  • Ideal for gas and electric dryer applications
  • Constructed of heavy duty, fire resistant, aluminum
  • Forms an air tight and easy to use air duct
  • Extends to 8' flexible
  • UL2158A labeled and marked. Includes 2- 4" screw clamps
Bestseller No. 9
Tjernlund LB2 Dryer Duct Booster with Status Panel UL-705 Listed DEDPV
  • Performance certified by HVI
  • Pressure-sensing switch automatically turns on the fan
  • LED indicator display panel
Bestseller No. 10
Deflecto Dryer Close Connect Fitting, 4" x 0' x 6' (AMCC)
  • For use with electric dryers
  • Adjusts from 1/2 in. to 6 in. and rotates to almost any position
  • Extends only 3 in. from the wall/dryer for tight-fit applications
  • Metal construction
  • Can be modified with tin snips
Bestseller No. 11
klimapartner RKI 4" - Backdraft Damper Inline Spring Loaded
  • Back draft damper for insertion into 4 inch ventilation ducts. The backflow damper RKI opens and closes automatically. It has a strong spring and can be installed either horizontally or vertically. The flap is suitable for retrofitting, since it is completely inside the duct
  • A great sealing and fastening of the duct is achieved by the foam strip attached to the outside of the damper.The rubber sheath applied to the damper prevents loud rattling when the flap blades are opened. The housing of the flap is made of galvanized steel, the flap blades are made of aluminum, the axle and spring are made of stainless steel
  • Designed for use in AC, dryers, exhaust, extractor or range hoods, Heating, Vent and other residential, commercial and industrial HVAC applications
  • FUNCTIONALITY: Backflow dampers prevent cold air or wind from entering the ventilation pipe. In this case, the flap is installed in such a way that the flap leaves only open into the outgoing air direction. This means that no (cold) air / wind can penetrate the ventilation pipe from the outside.
  • INSTALLATION; The backflow valve is installed by pushing it into the ventilation pipe as far as it will go. The position of the spring should be horizontal when the flap is installed horizontally so that it can be opened and closed optimally. This also applies to the vertical installation.
Bestseller No. 12
KORCCI Dryer Duct Cleaning Kit, Flexible Lint Remover, Can Use with a Power Drill or Without a Power Drill, Includes 8 Flexible Rods, Synthetic Brush Head
  • VERSATILITY: This kit comes with eight (8) flexible rods. Our dryer duct synthetic cleaning brushes are 4" diameter, and can be used in ducts from 3-4". These can also be used with a/c ducts and pellet stove pipes. They work great with PVC, flex ducts, metal ducts, pipes, and delivers results fast.
  • USE IN TIGHT SPACES: The rods provided in our kit are extremely durable, flexible and will bend with little to no effort at all. To use with tight angles, attach the un-threaded part of the extension rods directly to a drill just like you would a regular drill bit. Keep the brush spinning at a low speed and use steady, easy pressure to help work the brush around the bends in the vent.
  • EASY TO USE: Our dryer duct cleaning kits can be used inside of your home or from your outside vents. Simply disconnect the pipe from the dryer and from the wall (connection is usually located right behind the dryer); The kit can be used connected to a drill. Always use the drill in a clockwise direction to prevent the rods from unscrewing at the threaded connections. Add extension rods as needed and secure them with duct tape. It is durable and effective.
  • SAFETY AND EFFICIENCY: With over thousands of dryer fires occurring each year, help protect your family and home by using our dryer duct cleaning kit. With our cleaning kit, you can easily remove dangerous lint build-up. In addition to helping to prevent dryer fires, this will also reduce drying time and help extend the life of your dryer.
  • RISK-FREE PURCHASE - We give you the 30 days 100% satisfaction, money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with our product or purchase, please feel free to contact us.
Bestseller No. 13
Klimapartner Backdraft Shutter Damper 4" Inch
  • The backflow damper prevents the ingress of cold or warm air and wind from entering through the ventilation duct. The 4 inch Backdraft damper is made out of a Galvanized steel, the flap leaves are made of aluminum, while the Axis and spring are made of stainless steel, 3.5 inches deep, and can withstand temperatures from 14 to 140 °F
  • Designed for use in air conditioners (AC), dryers, exhaust, extractor or range hoods, heating ducts, vents and other HVAC applications
  • The backflow flap opens and closes automatically at low air volumes. It has a smooth-running spring and an internal foam strip to keep the blades from rattling and can be installed horizontally or vertically
  • INSTALLATION: The backflow flap is installed by inserting it into the ventilation pipe until it stops. The position of the spring should be horizontal for horizontal installations so that it can open and close optimally. The Backdraft shutter is installed so that the damper blades open only in the outflowing air direction.
  • Back draught valves can be inserted into ventilation ducts which are flexible or non flexible. Cannot be used with plastic ducts as the sizes are different. MADE IN EU
Bestseller No. 14
Bewox 4 inch Air Vent Ventilation Grille Cover 304 Stainless Steel with Fly Screen Mesh
  • 4" Air Vent Ventilation Grille Cover applied to 4in circular pipe/ducting hose
  • Nice quality,thickened,not easy to deform.304 stainless steel will not get rusty
  • A screen mesh to keep the samll pet/insect out
  • Ideal for all tumble dryer vent pipes/hoses.Perfect for ventilation systems, gas & electric dryers&cooker hood extractors, as well as a wide variety of industrial uses.
  • Dome vent Protects against ingress of rain and wind.
Bestseller No. 15
Dundas Jafine CHK100ZW Heat Keeper Kit With 2 Clamps
  • Directs warm, moist air from electric clothes dryers back into your home
  • Safety valve that helps to eliminate back pressure.
  • The ProFlex dryer transition duct in this kit is UL approved for safe dryer venting
  • This product should not be used with gas clothes dryers
Bestseller No. 16
Gardus RLE202 LintEater 10- Piece Rotary Dryer Vent Cleaning System and R2303613 LintCatcher Bag, White
  • Captures loosened lint from the dryer vent while cleaning, Zippered opening for easy cleaning & disposal of lint
  • 10-piece dryer-vent cleaning system
  • Includes four 36" long flexible rods, blockage removal tool, vacuum adapter, self-feeding 4" auger brush, 2 1/2" dia lint brush & dryer adapter
  • Easy installation & handling
  • Operates manually or with a power drill
Bestseller No. 17
Hon&Guan 201 Stainless Steel Round Bull Nosed External Extractor Wall Vent Outlet 4 inch
  • Applied to the duct diameter of 100mm
  • Brand new stainless steel bull nose wall vent with anti insect grill, louvres, screw fixings, retainer clips and seal.
  • This stylish steel wall extractor vent outlet has a fine mesh to keep pests out and a weather seal to prevent unwanted leaks and drafts.
  • Ideal for all tumble dryer vent pipes / hoses, bathroom vents & extractors, air conditioning units, kitchen fans & vents, all home wall vents, heat transfer and ventilation systems, gas & electric dryers, cooker hood extractors, as well as a wide variety of industrial uses.
  • Specifications: Circular pipe / hose fitting diameter 100mm (4").
Bestseller No. 18
Dundas Jafine D2DPX 4" Dryer to Duct Connector
  • This Item Dundas Jafine D2DPX 4" Dryer To Duct Connector
  • Used for Electrical & Heating, Cord & Power Management
  • The product is manufactured in China
Bestseller No. 19
100mm Stainless Steel Wall Air Vent Square Tumble Dryer Extractor Fan Outlet Square Louver Exhaust Fan
  • ★It is the wall air vent exhaust cover outlet for sidewall or ceiling application.
  • ★Made of 304 stainless steel material, durable, anti-rust and corrosion resistant, perfect for air exhaust.
  • ★Stylish and durable vent outlets, provide maximum airflow which are ideal for the modern home.
  • ★The stainless steel square wall vent with anti-draft gravity flaps, screw fixings, retainer clips and seal.
  • ★Perfect for using in tumble dryer vent pipes and hoses, bathroom vents and extractors, air con units, kitchen fans and vents, electric dryers, cooker hood extractors, conservatory wall outlets and many more including industrial uses.
SaleBestseller No. 20
Broan 636 Roof Vent Cap Only
  • This item is Broan-Nutone 636 Roof Vent Cap Only
  • Used For Appliance Parts & Accessories,Miscellaneous Accessories
  • The product is manufactured in United States
  • Compatible with either a 3 in. or 4 in. round duct

Frequently asked questions on home appliances.

Visit this page often to see the most frequently asked questions.

Q 1: Where can I get my electric dryer duct repaired?

A: If you get any repairs, you can contact our customer care. In warranty period we provide services for free.

Q 2: How much can I spend on electric dryer duct?

A: Like anything else that you purchase over the online for less cost, you need to be aware that you can be easily scammed. Less cost could be an indication of an inferior product, and appliance parts are no exception. So it is always best to buy the products that are available at reasonable rates. Low-cost home appliances are known as ‘derivatives,’ and they look the same as original products, but will not last as long, nor function, as well as the factory, authorized parts that you can buy from us. However, if you include shipping, delivery and handling charges, you’re paying the same price anyway. Check our placeholder images for more details.

Q 3: What is Energy Star?

A: Energy star is the trusted and government-authorized symbol for energy efficiency helping us all save money and protect the environment through energy-efficient products and practices.

This government authorized symbol – energy star was established to:

Energy star qualified home appliances to incorporate advanced technologies that use 10-50% less energy and water than standard models.

Make it easy for the buyers to identify and to purchase top-notch energy-efficient products that offer savings on energy bills without sacrificing comfort, features, and performance.

Energy star reduces greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants caused by the inefficient use of energy.

So while purchasing products, look for the Energy star label that may appear on the appliance.

Q 4: How often do I need to inspect or service home appliances?

It is very important to inspect and maintain home appliances at regular intervals. Especially, large home appliances such as air conditioner and refrigerators need maintenance regularly. Though the time duration for inspection varies for each appliance, the recommended inspection should be at least once in a year.

Q 5: There are stains on my electric dryer duct, and there is discoloration. How do I clean it?

A: You can clean your electric dryer ductwith chrome cleaner. However, to avoid further issues, it is better to seek professional help as blockage of any spare in your electric dryer ductcan lead to complications.

Q 6: Can you tell me how to small problems in my electric dryer duct?

A: Sorry, as we cannot explain to you how to fix your own appliance without clear clarification on the problem. Call us at our customer care for an appointment. Our technicians work Monday through Saturday 8 am to 4 pm. You can also take your appliance to our nearby service centre and for a reduced rate, we will fully repair it at our shop instead of coming to your home.

Q 7: Where can I buy a cheap electric dryer duct?

A: We would never recommend going to cheap products as they will cost you more in the long run – they don’t last as long and cost more to run. To help your overall budget, I recommend you buy an Energy Star products as these products units will cost you less to run and last longer, putting you ahead in the use and your wallet.

Q 8: Why is it necessary to seek professional help in cleaning large and small home appliances?

To increase the productivity of your home large and small appliances, keep in mind the following points:

Regularly inspect your home appliances and if needed, get them inspected by experts. This often inspection can help you in avoiding any unforeseen surprises.

Cleaning of refrigerators, air conditioners, cooktops, chimney, and cooking ranges regularly can help in increasing the lifespan of the appliance

Keep track of your home appliances’ performance. If there is any performance issue, then immediately call the right professionals and address the same.

Q 9: What do I need to know about my electric dryer duct safety?

It is always best to maintain a record of the model of your electric dryer duct a long with the year it was manufactured, wattage and much more. Regularly look after the product that there are any leakages. Also check for broken switches, loose doors, burning smell, etc. Take professional help in solving the above issues of electric dryer duct.

Q 10 : My electric dryer ductshakes and moves. What may be the cause?

A: The following could be the possible reasons why your electric dryer duct might shake and move:

Loosening of locking nuts in threaded legs

Wearing and tearing of spare parts

Damage of suspension spring.

Q 11: What factors I have to consider while buying electric dryer duct?

A: You should consider the top range and good quality electric dryer duct. You should not prefer poor quality though they are available at less cost, as they can end up with repairs very often.

Feel free to contact our customer care any time to discuss the pros and cons of the different type of home appliances.

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