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With various home appliance brands, models, and styles available, you may be overwhelmed to buy a product online. We know that purchasing the wrong product can waste your time, money and even your health. So there should be a better way to decide on what to buy and spend our hard-earned money wisely on a home appliance so that we can be sure we are getting the best value for our money. Get the latest reviews, buying advice and ratings from us on kitchen appliances, A/Cs, refrigerators, washing machines, and more. We are leading website in providing in-depth reviews of best kitchen and home appliances required for your sweet home. If you are thinking to buy your next water purifier, washing machine, coffee maker, induction cooktop, vacuum cleaner, or any other electronic device for your kitchen or home, then you are at the perfect place. Our main motto is to provide accurate, honest and reliable home appliances list that offer unmatched customer satisfaction, in a timely manner. With placeholder image, you can be confident that you will select the best beer keg gas tank.

Bestseller No. 1
OneBom CO2 Regulator, Keg Beer Regulator CGA -320 Inlet, with Pressure Relief Valve for Gas 0-3000PSI (Dual Gauge)
  • ★COMPATIBLE - This CO2 regulator works with any CO2 tank with a CGA-320 valve. Our Onebom CO2 regulator comes with a CGA-320 Female thread and a shut off valve allows you to turn the gas flow on / off and prevents liquid from backing into the regulator.
  • ★EASY INSTALLATION -Slap this CO2 regulator on a food grade CO2 tank, connect a gas line ( ID 5/16' or 3/8'') and carbonator ,and you have a lot cheaper carbonated water than buying carbonated water bottles directly.
  • ★DOUBLE GAUGE - The top gauge (0-60psi) of this CO2 regulator shows you how much pressure is being provided to the kegs, the side gauge(0-3000psi) of this CO2 regulator shows you how much CO2 is left in your cylinder/tank.
  • ★PRESSURE ADJUSTMENT KNOB - This beer CO2 regulator allows for pressure adjustments from 1 to 60 psi. Turn the pressure adjustment knob to increase or decrease the pressure as you like.
  • ★QUALITY GURANTEE - All OneBom CO2 regulators are pressure tested before delivery to ensure performance and reliability. Any quality problem pls feel free to contact us in advance. We will send you a new CO2 regulator to make you satisfied.
SaleBestseller No. 2
Keg Regulator, Dual Gauge CO2 Keg Beer Kegerator Regulator, Draft Beer Regulator, Draft Beer Dispensing CO2 Regulatorwith CGA-320 Inlet, 0-60 PSI Working Pressure, 0-3000 PSI Tank Pressure By MRbrew
  • Fine carbonation, Easy to read: Sturdy Durable commercial-grade draft beer CO2 regulator features a multi-stage body that gives you more precise control when making small adjustments to the output pressure. Added benefits include less pressure to the gauges and knob,
  • Not leaking: A built-in tank washer prevents leaks while a sintered metal filter built into the stem keeps harmful contaminants out of the regulator. There is also a shut off valve that allows for instantly shutting off pressure to the keg without backing up your gas line. And prevents backflow into the regulator
  • Easy to adjust and fast lock: A large adjustment knob with a lock ring allows gas flow to be changed without the need for a screw driver. making adjustment effortless even at freezing temperatures and reducing stress on the gauges. The lock ring can be quickly locked without re-adjustment,
  • For added safety, it also has a manual pressure release valve and an internal pressure relief valve that releases pressure at 55-65 PSI. A sintered metal filter has been built into the stem to keep harmful contaminants out of the regulator, ensuring long-lasting, high-quality performance.
  • After-sales guarantee, one year warranty. Just contact us and be absolutely 100% satisfied with the service.
Bestseller No. 3
Kegco KC LH-542 Premium Pro Series Dual Gauge Co2 Draft Beer Regulator, Chrome
  • Beware of cheap imitation! Only Beverage Factory sells this regulator with the Kegco warranty
  • Dual Gauge regulator shows you working pressure and tank pressure
  • Chrome Plated Brass Body
  • Manual Pressure Release Valve and Pressure Adjustment Knob
  • Integral Safety pressure relief valve releases at 45 PSI
Bestseller No. 4
The Weekend Brewer GasLine1 Keg Gas Line, Standard, Red
  • MUST HAVE for all cornelius keg owners. Allows for CO2 injection of standard ball lock kegs. CM Becker Disconnect ensure a tight seal every time.
  • 5FT OF TUBING allows for your CO2 tank to be placed in a convenient position. Competitor products make you compromise with only 3ft.
  • WORKS WITH ALL STANDARD REGULATORS. Includes swivel nut for mfl regulators. Remove swivel nut for barb regulators.
  • EASY CLEANING by removing the CMB MFL disconnect and running water through the tubing. Most competitor products use barb disconnects with pex clamps which is extremely difficult to clean.
  • Upgrade your current regulator to our ultimate regulator that works with 5 types of CO2 tanks; including paintball, sodastream, CO2 cartridges, and standard welding tanks. Search B071ZNP5BS to learn more.
Bestseller No. 5
5 lb. Aluminum Co2 Tank Compressed Gas Air Cylinder
  • 5 lb aluminum CO2 air tank for dispensing draft beer
  • Brand new, not reconditioned
  • Made of high quality aluminum alloy, making it lighter than steel
  • Has a capacity of 6 - 8 half kegs
  • Tanks are shipped empty
Bestseller No. 6
  • 20 Lb. Co2 Aluminum Cylinder With CGA 320 Valve, Carry Handle, And Dip Tube
  • (We also carry a complete line of compressed gas cylinders valves and parts)
  • 8.0 inch diameter, 28.2 inch length, 1.125" UNF inlet thread.
  • Cylinder with valve, Shipped Empty,Do Not tilt it or lay it on its side.
Bestseller No. 7
Nitrogen Draft System Faucet For Homebrew Nitro Beer Or Nitro Coffee - Nitrogen Tank With Brass Stout Faucet Fittings & Dual Gauge Nitrogen Regulator - Ball Lock Keg Compatible
  • The combination of nitrogen and a stout tap help produce a thick, creamy head on a beer.
  • This system has the fittings to work with a ball lock keg.
  • A 4 5/8" shank with Brass Stout Faucet for mounting in a Refrigerator door or homemade kegerator
  • A dual gauge nitrogen regulator that tells you how much pressure you have on the keg as well as how much nitrogen you have left in the nitrogen tank
  • Does not include a Ball Lock Keg. Nitrogen Tank must be shipped empty, in accordance with federal law.
Bestseller No. 8
Kegco BF SHCK-5T Standard Homebrew Kegerator Conversion Kit with 5 lb Co2 Tank, Chrome
  • PRO SERIES DUAL GAUGE REGULATOR: Easily measure PSI and Co2 volume and adjust Co2 output pressure using this Kegco 542 Pro Series Double Gauge Regulator packed with premium features! The top gauge indicates output pressure, while the side gauge tells you what's left in the Co2 tank, so you don't run out of gas during a party. The chrome plated brass body has a large pressure adjustment knob for easy use and includes a manual pressure release valve.
  • BALL LOCK KEG COUPLERS: This complete ball lock home brew keg tap set includes both a gas in and beer out coupler for easy tapping of ball lock Cornelius Pepsi kegs. The gas in comes with a 1/4" nut and 5/16" hose barb already attached, allowing you to quickly connect it to the same size air line that standard draft beer regulators use. The beer out connector has a 3/16" hose barb that connects to standard 3/16" beer line.
  • CHROME BEER FAUCET WITH BRASS LEVER: Featuring a forged brass body and highly polished chrome finish, this NSF-approved beer faucet puts a stylish finishing touch on your kegerator at a price you'll love. The brass shaft assembly and lever includes a non-stick ball washer for smooth operation, and the lever has standard threading that is compatible with most branded tap handles.
  • STANDARD METAL BEER FAUCET WRENCH: This beer faucet spanner wrench is an essential tool that allows you to quickly and confidently loosen or tighten shank collars without scratching your faucets. This wrench has been built to last with a rugged all-metal construction and a convenient 5-1/4" length.
  • INCLUDES EMPTY 5 LB. ALUMINUM CO2 TANK: All of our brand new tanks are made from high strength aluminum alloy which is not as heavy as a steel tank and will not rust. These eye-catching tanks have a glossy red coating that acts as an extra layer of protection against corrosion and wear.
Bestseller No. 9
Nitrogen Gas Tank - 20 Cubic Foot Steel
  • For dispensing Guinness and other nitrogen beers.
  • Made of high quality steel.
  • 20-Cubic foot capacity.
  • Siphon tube ensures that gas is maintains the correct misture needed.
Bestseller No. 10
New 22 cuft Nitrogen Tank Beer Gas CGA580 Valve Fresh Certification
  • Corrosion-resistant, high-strength aluminum, ships empty
  • Measures 5.25" x 19.6" tall with valve
  • New CGA580 valve for blended gas
  • Cranberry painted dome
  • 2216 psi service pressure
Bestseller No. 11
RedRock Unthreaded 16 Gram CO2 Beverage Beer Keg Chargers - 10 Pack
  • 16 gram unthreaded CO2 charger
  • Genuine Innovations Compatible
  • Food / Beverage Grade
  • Highest quality European CO2 gas
  • 3 1/2 inch Cartridge Length
SaleBestseller No. 12
New 20 lb Aluminum CO2 Cylinder with Handle and New CGA320 Valve
  • Aluminum Carbon Dioxide Cylinder with CGA 320 valve installed and carry handle/valve protector.
  • 20 Pound (LB) capacity, Shipped empty.
  • 1800 PSI, DOT-3AL and TC-3ALM designed, high strength aluminum alloy 6061-T6.
  • 8.0 inch diameter, 28.2 inch length, 1.125" UNF inlet thread.
Bestseller No. 13
HFS (R) Commercial CO2 Regulator - Beer Brewing Kegerator Dual Gauge Shutoff Valve (1 Product)
  • The HFS Commercial CO2 Regulator works with any CO2 Tank with a CGA-320 valve, and measures both the PSI to your keg and the volume of CO2 gas in your cylinder so you know when it's getting low.
  • Constructed of chrome plated brass, this regulator features a tool-less adjustable flow to your keg, with a 0-60PSI gauge for perfect accuracy.
  • Also featured are a auto-resetting safety release valve, a tank pressure gauge, integrated nylon tank connection washer (with spare), output ball valve shut-off, and a sintered brass inlet filter.
  • Output to a 5/16" barbed fitting, which can be removed to expose a 1/4"NPT threaded connection if you'd like to use other adapters.
  • Automatic Safety PRV
Bestseller No. 14
YaeBrew Gas Manifold, Beer Gas Distributor, Air Distributor CO2 Manifold - Splitter 5/16" Barb Fittings (4 Way)
  • Aluminum body
  • Shutoffs with check valves
  • 5/16" barbed inlet and 5/16" barbed outlets
  • NO LEAKS due to ample thread tape and vigorous water testing after assembly; prevent liquid from flowing into the manifold and your regulator
  • LIGHT AND DURABLE aluminum body is lighter than steel but remains durable and long lasting.
Bestseller No. 15
B Blesiya G Style Beer Keg Coupler Bass G Type Beer Tap Coupling Adapter, Connects The keg, Gas Tank, and Beer Lines
  • Brass coupler body, nickel plated; stainless steel handle; stainless steel probe
  • Connects the keg, gas tank, and beer lines, a must-have to dispense beer
  • G System coupler offers you dependable operation and long-lasting performance
  • Easy to install and change out the beer your serve on tap
  • 1 Piece Keg Coupler,1 Pack Fasteners
Bestseller No. 16
Nitrogen Gas Cylinder High Pressure Dual Gauge Regulator With Check Valve For Home Brew Keg Systems
  • Double-gauge Nitrogen regulator
  • A high-pressure regulator for beer keg system.
  • Use a ¼" barbed swivel nut to seamlessly connect regulator to beverage tubing.
  • A built-in check valve to prevent backflow.
  • Double-gauge regulator features a built-in check valve, 0-3000 psi cylinder gauge, 0-100 psi keg gauge.
Bestseller No. 17
The Weekend Brewer CO2 Injection System for Paintball Tanks by
  • CARBONATE ANYTHING. 0-45 psi gauge works great to carbonate beer, water, tea, or any other beverage.
  • DISPENSE LIKE A PRO. Also works great to dispense your keg or growler. This kit is much smaller and lighter than traditional tanks/regulators.
  • CONVENIENT. Paintball tanks can be refilled at most sporting goods stores. Much easier than trying to find a welding supply store for the big tanks.
  • GREAT VALUE. This system plus the paintball CO2 tank (sold separately) is much cheaper than traditional tank and regulator based systems. You can also use threaded CO2 cartridges with this system.
  • Search B071J9FKVD to upgrade to our Ultimate Regulator Kit that works with 5 different types of CO2 tanks!
Bestseller No. 18
TerraBloom CO2 Keg Pressure Regulator for Draft Beer Kegerators. Dual Gauge Heavy Duty Unit with CGA-320 Inlet, 0-50 PSI Working Pressure, 0-3000 PSI Tank Pressure with Safety Pressure Relief Valve
  • HEAVY DUTY WITH DUAL GAUGES: TerraBloom CO2 Pressure Regulator for Draft Beer Setups is a heavy duty unit made with double gauges to accurately measure working pressure in the system and CO2 tank pressure.
  • PROFESSIONAL GRADE: This CO2 Regulator fits all standard CO2 tanks with CGA-320 inlets. You can adjust the working pressure in your system via a control knob in the front. Gas Shut Off Valve for easy keg/tank swaps. Safety Pressure relieve valve/Chrome Shut Off Valve to prevent beer from backing up into the gas lines.
  • EASY INSTALLATION: All you need to install this CO2 Pressure Regulator is an adjustable wrench. Each unit is supplied with 2 O-ring washers. Always place a washer between the lock-down nut and the tank to ensure a tight seal. Replace washers regularly.
  • VERSATILE APPLICATIONS: Works with 15.5 Gallon Kegs, 5 Gallon Kegs, 1.75 Mini Kegs, Half Barrels and Quarter Barrel Units. Barbed Gas Outlet Fitting Allows easy connection to many gas line types.
  • WARRANTY: TerraBloom 30-day money back guarantee. 1 Year Warranty Against Manufacturing Defects.
SaleBestseller No. 19
BACOENG Double Faucet Tower Keg System No Tank Conversion Kit
  • PRO SERIES DUAL GAUGE REGULATOR: Easily measure PSI and Co2 volume and adjust Co2 output pressure using this Kegco 542 Pro Series Double Gauge Regulator packed with premium features. The top gauge indicates output pressure, while the side gauge tells you what's left in the Co2 tank, so you don't run out of gas during a party. The Standard plated brass body has a large pressure adjustment knob for easy use and includes a manual pressure release valve.
  • LEVER HANDLE KEG COUPLER: This NSF-approved Kegco KT85D-L D System Keg Coupler features a sturdy nickel-plated forged brass body with a stainless steel probe, and is designed for use with all domestic brand American D system Sankey kegs. The lever-handle design is easy to use - simply pull out and then down on the handle to couple the keg. A 55-psi pressure relief valve makes this coupler even more convenient to use, allowing over-pressurized gas to escape before it enters your keg.
  • SINGLE FAUCET DRAFT BEER TOWER: Featuring a beautiful Standard-plated metal finish and a matching Standard-plated faucet with metal lever, this 3" diameter air-cooled Kegco D4743T draft beer tower is the same stylish tower used on most commercial grade kegerators. This tower conveniently includes 5 feet of clear beer tubing ending in a nozzle and hex nut assembly for quick connection to all standard keg couplers, as well as a gasket and for screws for easy mounting.
  • STANDARD METAL BEER FAUCET WRENCH: This beer faucet spanner wrench is an essential tool that allows you to quickly and confidently loosen or tighten shank collars without scratching your faucets. This wrench has been built to last with a rugged all-metal construction and a convenient 5-1/4" length.
  • INCLUDES DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS: This kegerator conversion kit comes with easy-to-follow directions and all of the high-quality draft dispense components you'll need to quickly and easily convert your refrigerator into a high-performance draft beer dispenser

Frequently asked questions on home appliances.

Visit this page often to see the most frequently asked questions.

Q 1: Where can I get my beer keg gas tank repaired?

A: If you get any repairs, you can contact our customer care. In warranty period we provide services for free.

Q 2: How much can I spend on beer keg gas tank?

A: Like anything else that you purchase over the online for less cost, you need to be aware that you can be easily scammed. Less cost could be an indication of an inferior product, and appliance parts are no exception. So it is always best to buy the products that are available at reasonable rates. Low-cost home appliances are known as ‘derivatives,’ and they look the same as original products, but will not last as long, nor function, as well as the factory, authorized parts that you can buy from us. However, if you include shipping, delivery and handling charges, you’re paying the same price anyway. Check our placeholder images for more details.

Q 3: What is Energy Star?

A: Energy star is the trusted and government-authorized symbol for energy efficiency helping us all save money and protect the environment through energy-efficient products and practices.

This government authorized symbol – energy star was established to:

Energy star qualified home appliances to incorporate advanced technologies that use 10-50% less energy and water than standard models.

Make it easy for the buyers to identify and to purchase top-notch energy-efficient products that offer savings on energy bills without sacrificing comfort, features, and performance.

Energy star reduces greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants caused by the inefficient use of energy.

So while purchasing products, look for the Energy star label that may appear on the appliance.

Q 4: How often do I need to inspect or service home appliances?

It is very important to inspect and maintain home appliances at regular intervals. Especially, large home appliances such as air conditioner and refrigerators need maintenance regularly. Though the time duration for inspection varies for each appliance, the recommended inspection should be at least once in a year.

Q 5: There are stains on my beer keg gas tank, and there is discoloration. How do I clean it?

A: You can clean your beer keg gas tankwith chrome cleaner. However, to avoid further issues, it is better to seek professional help as blockage of any spare in your beer keg gas tankcan lead to complications.

Q 6: Can you tell me how to small problems in my beer keg gas tank?

A: Sorry, as we cannot explain to you how to fix your own appliance without clear clarification on the problem. Call us at our customer care for an appointment. Our technicians work Monday through Saturday 8 am to 4 pm. You can also take your appliance to our nearby service centre and for a reduced rate, we will fully repair it at our shop instead of coming to your home.

Q 7: Where can I buy a cheap beer keg gas tank?

A: We would never recommend going to cheap products as they will cost you more in the long run – they don’t last as long and cost more to run. To help your overall budget, I recommend you buy an Energy Star products as these products units will cost you less to run and last longer, putting you ahead in the use and your wallet.

Q 8: Why is it necessary to seek professional help in cleaning large and small home appliances?

To increase the productivity of your home large and small appliances, keep in mind the following points:

Regularly inspect your home appliances and if needed, get them inspected by experts. This often inspection can help you in avoiding any unforeseen surprises.

Cleaning of refrigerators, air conditioners, cooktops, chimney, and cooking ranges regularly can help in increasing the lifespan of the appliance

Keep track of your home appliances’ performance. If there is any performance issue, then immediately call the right professionals and address the same.

Q 9: What do I need to know about my beer keg gas tank safety?

It is always best to maintain a record of the model of your beer keg gas tank a long with the year it was manufactured, wattage and much more. Regularly look after the product that there are any leakages. Also check for broken switches, loose doors, burning smell, etc. Take professional help in solving the above issues of beer keg gas tank.

Q 10 : My beer keg gas tankshakes and moves. What may be the cause?

A: The following could be the possible reasons why your beer keg gas tank might shake and move:

Loosening of locking nuts in threaded legs

Wearing and tearing of spare parts

Damage of suspension spring.

Q 11: What factors I have to consider while buying beer keg gas tank?

A: You should consider the top range and good quality beer keg gas tank. You should not prefer poor quality though they are available at less cost, as they can end up with repairs very often.

Feel free to contact our customer care any time to discuss the pros and cons of the different type of home appliances.

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